2009 Tweeter of the Year: Brian Michael Bendis

Brian Michael Bendis is the man who resurrected Power Man Luke Cage back into Marvel continuity, the mastermind behind almost all events of the current Marvel Universe and is one of the most shit-on creators in comics today. His deep involvement in storylines means that the whole Internets blames him for every bad choice or little thing they didn’t like.

Seriously though, dude is like 5’2’’ and bald, and people are merciless. I used to talk a lot of trash on him because I hated his portrayal of race--Black characters dialogue being defined by “yo”—and over use of thought balloons. Upon discovering his Twitter, however, I started to understand him as a person, and then kinda wanted to hang out with him.

So yeah, this thing called Twitter. Almost everyone has a Twitter these days, some people updating once a week with “ate at TGI Fridays”, while others update everything they do during their day, no matter how entertaining or tedious.

The popularity of Twitter caused a lot of “famous” people to get their own accounts, most of them abandoning them after a month or so, but a few really took advantage of the opportunity to communicate with their fans. Some musician you like tweeting about your favorite movie just makes you more interested in them. It’s these little things that can change our opinion of someone we don’t care about or know nothing about, it’s like mini real-time biographies. No one used Twitter better in 2009 than Bendis.

While his banter back and forth with Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman is funny, it’s the more intimate, personal things that grab you. Tweets like “I just rode the beatles rockband set home from the mall on the handlebars of my bike. I am a 42year old man.” followed a few days later by “comic book all star rock band beatles happening in my studio right now. and my six year old drummer is keeping up!” give you little insights into his life, show his love for his family and that he appreciates what he's got.

He never is tweeting for his fans, he’s just using fucking twitter. P Diddy almost exclusively tweets “inspirational” phrases like “Stay focused people! Today is your day, seize the moment and you can achieve whatever you want. FOCUS!”, not embracing his fans on a human level but keeping himself above them by trying to teach them. BMB is just honest and funny, commenting on Howard Stern and movies he watched with his kids. He's just a dude.

Outside of his contractual duty to keep his mouth shut about upcoming storylines and movie deals, Bendis does not hold back. When Michael Jackson died, he did not follow step behind most people praising and mourning the King of Pop.

“so we’re all going to pretend he wasn’t a mentally ill child molestor who should have been drinking his jesus juice in jail?” is an extremely bold statement for someone who works for one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. This kind of thing could lose him a large piece of his fan-base, but he’s just being honest.

He's not above making Captain America blowjob jokes or talking trash on comics he doesn't like, it’s his twitter and he’s going to say what he wants. In a world full of so many phonies, it's awesome to know there are some real people still out there.


samuel rules said...

Big ups to myself for pimping this weird picture of me and BMB, and wearing the same flannel to the Con the next year.


samuel rules said...

also big ups to David for looking weird in this picture.

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comicbookclub@live.com said...

great pic! nice review Bendis is the man his dialog is unstopable
Norman and Bob is all i gotta say.