Percy Carey Making Some Comic About APES!

Swiped from the Oh Word feed--Percy Carey, writer of the graphic novel Sentences and rapper under the name MF Grimm, recently wrote a quick blog about the long-standing feud/fallout/whatever between himself and MF Doom and how you know, it just isn't a feud anymore and everyone needs to move on. And that's cool and a big deal because Grimm's gone pretty hard at Doom for being a dick (which he is) and a lame sell-out who's reduced his talents to rapping alongside of Meatwad from Aqua Teen (which is also true) but the bigger, less tabloid-y thing is that Carey hints at his next graphic novel:
"I'm on a path to become a better person, it's the only way the creator will allow me to enjoy the benefits of life. I'm about to apply for college, and attempt to get a degree in marketing, I'm also donating my time to the local zoo, because of my fascination of studying orangutans; my goal is to create a story about them and other great apes and turn it into a graphic novel"
Sounds great!

For those that don't know, Grimm also does a weekly comics column for the very bro-friendly Complex magazine website....

Here's a classic Doom/Grimm collaboration from Doom's Operation Doomsday:

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