The Maxx Rap: Willie Isz

" Basically I always was a big fan of The Maxx, which was a comic and a cartoon on MTV Oddities way back in the day. On that show there's two sides [to the world], you've got Pangea and the dark side that The Maxx comes from. And these little creatures on there were The Iszs. There were the good Iszs and the bad Iszs. If you know Khujo's music, always back to "Call Of The Wild" when he did that with OutKast back in '94, he always been growling. He always had that "Yeaah!" That monstrous approach. So it's kind of like the Black Iszs. [We're] mixing that fantasy world with reality. That's what Georgiavania is."

Not sure why I didn't make the Maxx connection when Jneiro Jarel, one half of rap group Willie Isz (the other half is Khujo Goodie of the legendary Goodie Mob) posted a Shoegaze mix over on the on his MySpace and it featured all this Sam Keith art but yeah, one more interesting way that hip-hop and comics mix that doesn't involve Eminem and the Punisher. Art for the Willie Isz album Georgiavania (which comes out on June 16th) is by James Jarvis and as for the songs, well I provided two samples, the title cut (featuring growls and vampire accents) and "In the Red" which is a big, trippy, piece of Southern utopian rap that sounds like the future and enough like classic Goodie Mob/Outkast. Turn your Vampire Weekend or Linkin Park off (depends on what kind of comics nerds you are) and listen!


"In the Red"

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