Beast Week!

So, this week we're gonna focus on Marian Churchland's book Beast, put out by IMAGE and for sale at any comics store worth anything. Besides just being an excellent "graphic novel"--and it really is, since it's coming out in one big chunk and it very much reads like a real book--it just plain looks really nice, like each and every aspect of the book was thought about and conceptualized, which is nice in a world of comics that either look like crap by accident or are all hip and cool, so they're supposed to look like crap.

It's also exactly the kind of stuff we try to celebrate around here: A smart, complex, literary comic book that still retains a level of wonder and appreciation for comic books as an artform. So yeah, if you haven't read Beast yet, go get it so you can be part of our little Beast book club over here. For right now, I'd love to get some readers' comments about the book, good or bad...

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Brandon G said...

That is awesome that you guys are doing Beast week.