Music Video Animation by Overture

Overture are a husband and wife animation and art duo. Usually, I'm not partial to this type of animation but I think they do a good job visually representing experimental electronic music by way of really understanding the emotional undertones of the music. In the past couple years, they have released three music videos in addition to their animation shorts for TV, illustrations and personal art exhibitions. The first was for the Icelandic experimental electronic band, Múm, and the most recent two were for German Modern Classical pianist, Hauschka. Their animation style is reminiscent of Fantastic Planet with animal and plant-like characters and more textured and saturated colors. The Múm video seems really "far out" in a Fantasia way but with a more folk-y, storybook feeling.

Múm "Rhubarbidoo"

In contrast to Múm, Hauschka's music is experimental in a more subtle way, using the manipulation of the piano in combination with electronics. Hauschka has revealed in interviews that his album Ferndorf is about his childhood and the small German town where he grew up. Not suprisingly, the videos Overture did for Hauschka, "A Memory" and "An Idea", are about the interactions of two characters, Kapok and Bryum, with one another and their environment. Kapok kind of looks like a Shmoo with arms, legs and game show host hair and Bryum looks like a sad, hunchback sloth, Sanrio character. Both of the characters are really great! I wish Overture would make a comic book using them...maybe in the silent style of Gon! Anyway, watch these really great videos!

Bryum & Kapok: A Memory

Bryum & Kapok: An Idea

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