ROBIN IN THE RYE or Caulfield the Boy Wonder

This gem has been popping up around a few of my time-absorbing internet haunts lately, so maybe it's old news to some of you. But for those interested in the source, this is the creation of Andrew Lorenzi. Inspired by comic parodies from the likes of R. Sikoryak, it's a pretty righteous way to revamp an old classic.

Comic nerds spend so much time arguing over what real people would best portray superheros, so it's pretty cool to see the opinions turn to what superheros would best portray other fictional characters from far across the spectrum of literature.

Being this art history nerd, I'm just waiting for someone to redo "The Execution of Lady Jane Grey" as "The Execution of Lady Jean Grey." Eh?


Anonymous said...

u all should do contests

brandon said...

We'll have a contest for worst commenter pretty soon.