Birthday For Serious

So, today marks the one-year anniversary of this blog, which provides a fun excuse to look back at our--mostly slept-on--essays and rants and make a few quick announcement type things. So, first here's a quick "Best Of" or like, "Primer" for the blog...

-Interview with Beanworld's Larry Marder

-"Better Than" List
-Watchmen WeekPrimer:
-"Powerful Panels: Akira #2" by Jesse
-"Joe Kubert's Tor: A Prehistoric Odyssey" by Monique
-"Art Comic Snobbery" by Karen
-"Powerful Panels: Pirates of Coney Island # 1" by Brandon
-"What's On Your DMZ House Party List?" by EVERYBODY
-"Powerful Panels: B.P.R.D: 1946 # 2" by David
-"Insert Rape Joke Here" by Karen
"Paul Pope: Mick Jagger of Comics" by Monique
-"Powerful Panels: Immortal Iron First # 21" by David
-"All-Star Superman Retrospective Fun Fest" by Jesse
-"Secret Invasion" by Sammy
-"X-Men Cartoon Over Homework Any Day" by Sammy
-"Scott Pilgrim #5" by Sammy
-"White Box Hero: Junior Carrott Patrol #1" by Jesse
-"Age & Sex in Unknown Soldier #5 and Black Hole" by Brandon
-"DMZ #41: Dee DMZ" by David
-"Anti-Confessional: Disappearance Diary" by Brandon
-"Beanworld Breaks Out" by Karen
-"Children of The Sea by Daisuke Igarashi" by Monique

And finally...if you look over to the icons on the left, they no longer send you to our individual emails but to our individual TUMBLRs. The idea was to expand how and where we talk about comics without clogging up this blog with less thought-out comics writing...as well as allow us all to talk about and highlight some non-comics stuff we're into lately. Below you'll find a link to each of our respective TUMBLRs as well as our personal Twitters, too. Of course, there's the blog's Twitter here which we've been kinda neglecting, but we'll get back to soon, we promise.

Brandon: Tumblr/Twitter

David: Tumblr/Twitter

Jesse: Tumblr/Twitter

Karen: Tumblr/Twitter

Monique: Tumblr/Twitter

Sammy: Tumblr/Twitter


Andreas Schuster said...

updates here are always a welcome addition to my read-while-drinking-coffee list.
keep it up thx for the effort!

Larry Marder said...

Happy Birthday to AYASCBR!
Keep up the excellent work!

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