-The Silver Age throwback trend continues with a new Barry Allen Flash series coming out this week. The preview looks good starting with a full page of Central City and calling it "the city always on the run". It's always a good look to start a comic, or entire series in this case, with a big beautiful establishing shot. I really like creative ways to reboot characters without having their entire origins retold. It reminds me of how Thor rebooted and how well that series turned out. -j

- If you're a comics fan chances are you've stared at a few maps in your day. Maps have all the essential ingredients of comics so, when comics and maps overlap it's a pretty glorious thing. I've personally spent more time staring at maps of Asgard or Old Man Logan's distopian USA imaging all the different events in each region than I have reading entire issues of comics. The Comic Book Cartography blog seems like an instant classic even though it just started up this month. Be sure to check out maps of Krypton, Kamandi's world, and Titan among many other great posts. (via)-j

-You ever wonder if you're not smart enough to get a joke?-s

-The Zombie's Hand is currently in the running over at Zuda, the story reads like an old Tales From the Crypt, scary but funny and weird but with visual narration that the original EC Comics lacked. The first eight pages are up but the next 8 only get published if it gets enough votes, so go vote! -s

- Mike Mignola has a new website selling some original art and limited edition art books. Dream purchases: Hellboy in Egypt, Wolverine & Cable, or any of these. Also, who knew he was on twitter? Only 147 followers, and 4 updates since Feb.(via) -j

-This July, Chris Claremont's X-Men: Ragazze In Fuga is coming out under retarded name "X-Women". Illustrated by legendary Italian "erotic" comics artist Milo Manara, the long awaited story is finally being released in America, hopefully it won't be like Captain America: White or a thousand other series that never actually reach shelves. -s


- A.W.K. interview with Marvel! He reveals he is a big Spider-man fan which makes perfect sense to me. I really wish this was unedited and more about comics. -j


john w said...

i like milo manara's art, as it has "satisfied" me at times, but he can only draw one type of female: long legs, B-C cup, and a flat facial expression. it becomes a bore when the setting is exotic not like a romance novel but where sentinels are phase-blasting non flatscans.

samuel rules said...


brandon said...

I can think of nothing cooler than kind big titty bitches fighting Sentinels.

Really though, this "one type" of whatever pretty much describes every comics artist ever.

The idea of Manara, who sorta no one cares or knows about much anymore, doing an X-Men book (or having done one, now getting a release, as it were) is awesome.