-Pretty good interview with Mike Mignola over at Newsarama. He talks about the "End Game" coming up for Hellboy which is just crazy to think about. For me, Hellboy is in with any other superhero that basically lives forever and for Mignola to be talking about the death of Hellboy is really weird for me to wrap my head around. -j

-Woah, check out this blog of old Jodorowsky comic strips! It's from a year or so ago, but I got hipped to it thanks to this tip on on THE FADER, who go it from this guy who even translates some of them!-b

-Brandon sent me a text that his store, which I think resides at the nexus point where all awesome media converges, got in a used copy of the Metabarons RPG today. That got me doing some research and I discovered this great review by Jeremy Buxman who has never read a Metabaron comic in his life. The game rates pretty favorably getting a 5 on style and 3 on substance. His big gripe is that you need to read the comics to get a fuller understanding of the universe. What Jeremy does not realize is that Jodorowsky does not give a fuck about universe-building and the comics have little to no clues about what goes on in the Metabaron/Incal universe. -j

-Forgot to add this to last week's post, but Tom Breihan, whose Tumblr happens to be named after that Rancid song about fighting with Wolverine, had a review of the Lennon/McCartney episode of American Idol in which he inexplicably, provides you a list of contestants and their "X-Men equivalents".-b

- Marvel announced Friday that Brian Clevinger (8-bit theatre, Atomic Robo) and Brian Churilla (The Anchor) are re-making/re-imagining the 1991 classic Infinity Gauntlet called Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet. There's been a decent amount of Infinity Gauntlet talk at Marvel recently, the story being included in the Fantastic Four and Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers series. While I love as much Infinity Gauntlet I can get, and the creative team seems to be pretty solid, it seems like this might be a case of too much of a good thing. Marvel's announcement tries to make Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet seem new on it's own right so it's not a simple re-hash of the Starlin/Perez/Lim classic, but "new" details like having Doctor Doom a member of the Avengers is still a swipe from the original. -j

-I just wanted to comment on MTV's "Splash Page" feature Adapt This! where some suggested comics adaptations are broken-down in a super-literal, way too obvious way. Though this week's Red Rocket 7 directed by Cameron Crowe is pretty spot-on, but only because like Mike Allred, Cameron Crowe is a sentimental, rock music obsessed tool.-b

-Pretty cool Wizard of Oz and celebrity zombie fighting miniatures over at Super Punch blog. Obvious Best: Terminator. Personal favorite: Snake Plisskin. WTF: John McClain.

-Also, Comics for Pervs was updated again: Some cool Sophie Crumb stuff.-b

-This Friday, if you're anywhere near Greensboro, NC, you should totally come to this Huntsville hip-hop showcase at Guilford college. Also, the next day, Future Islands and Miami thrash weirdos Acidosis are also playing. And it's fucking FREE!-b


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