-Download Diamond Comics #5. This came out a several weeks ago and has got some cool art from Pete Toms, Benjamin Marra, and others. Published for free by Floating World, but only circulated around Portland. It's funding is maintained by viewers like you so, you know, pay it forward. -j

-Brandon Graham interview at CBR. Reveals that he's close to finishing issue #12 of King City which will be the last issue of King City 2, and also that his next project will be Multiple Warheads. And Brandon Graham is always straight up, "Plus, I'm the kind of asshole who asks about the ends of movies that I haven't seen." Also in Brandon Graham news, his list of "dream" comics from his livejournal is pretty entertaining. Included was James Stokoe's Silver Surfer which is actually partially completed, and apparently he just did for fun one day. -j

-Also, Frank Santoro's Silver Surfer. Love these strange, dull vibrant colors and the overall hazy feel of the image. It's like the comics equivalent of a distorted, kinda electronic cover of a classic pop song.-b

-New Mignola art. -j

-With images of Batman as a hoarder and Lego universes Ulises Farinas' internet game has been pretty tight, but he's just taken it to the next level with his Gotham Go GO GO. It pleases me to no end when webcomics actually use the internet to their advantage, and Go GO GO's eye catching giant middle panel is a perfect example. A panel of Superman with tears streaming from his eyes and his heat vision on the fritz after being mind controlled seals the deal. (via) -j

-Death to the Universe has been a comics blog that's been blowing me away lately. I found it after Matt, the blog's creator, commented over here and really, just wow. Smart, fun comics writing with a good sense of history and dude's feet are always on the ground, which is important. There's a real good thing on Starlin's Warlock up right now.-b

-Paul Pope and Dash Shaw in conversation with Robin from INKSTUDS.-b

-You've probably already seen Animated Albums, but yeah, some dude doing some old-school Gilliam-esque cut-out animation on a computer. I wish dude would pick better albums though.-b

-This "Tips for Freelancers, Artists, and Other Creative Types" is helpful for any creative types out there, making money off their creative type stuff or trying to make money off their creative type stuff.-b

-"M.I.A. and music's newest marketing frontier: the guerilla Web itself" by Gardner is a really interesting take on the web and what I've taken to call anti-memes or web imagery in a post-meme world: "MIA has taken the culture of the Internet's most creative, subversive and zealous hipsters to market herself and wrap her whole brand."-b

-Finally, rest in peace to the great Ronnie James Dio. Our buddy Julian has his thoughts on Dio's death over at Heavy Metal Infinity. Also, Phil Freeman's "A User's Guide To Ronnie James Dio, 1942-2010".-b

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Matt Seneca said...

Thanks for the link!! And let me just say that this blog's been blowing me away on a regular basis for over a year now.

If you like Diamond Comics, have you seen Smoke Signal? It's a free newspaper put out by the Brooklyn store Desert Island with pages by like Matt Furie, Dash Shaw, Chester Brown. Kinda similar, though a little more arty and a little less "fun". Worth a look for sure.