Maddie Blaustein - Never Forget

Recently some friends and I have gotten back into the game Pokemon, and while doing "research" on the characters, we found out that the voice of the pokemon Meowth also happened to have written comics. Maddie Blaustein wrote for Marvel and DC, working on some of the Milestone titles, including Static and Hardware.

One of the most interesting things about Blaustein though, is that she is a transsexual. Traveling with the Tranny Road Show, a comedy troupe, she pushed gender issues. She's also famous for being the voice of the Gollum who attempted to put his name in the hat for presidency.

Often she was credited under her former name, Adam Blaustein, or her nickname, Addie Blaustein. She died in her sleep on December, 11th of this year. Maddie Blaustein did the voices in all of the Pokemon movies up until 8.

She'll be remembered for her work in cartoons, and her sense of humor, this posted on her Myspace.com page:
Meowth needs Therapy

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