Wolverine: Origins

I'm one of the few people I know who hasn't seen The Dark Knight, even though I'm a bigger fan of the comic books than most of the people around me. It's not that I don't want to watch it, it's just that after seeing the initial artwork and stills for two years, the hype was gone for me. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army came out around the same time and had few ads and trailers, making the movie experience new and exciting when you went into the theater. I wanted to see it more because I had less on hand about it.

Wolverine: Origins comes out in five months and Marvel has kept it quiet. They've already revealed Sabretooth, Deadpool, The Blob, Gambit, and a few others I'll let the nerds sort out, but I'm sure that's just the beginning of Wolverine's Rouge's Gallery appearances. Seeing Logan and Creed storm the beaches and argue over soldier politics is exactly what this movie should be, and not just Wolverine cutting up ninjas (not that that wouldn't be cool).

From the looks of it, a good portion of the film will be pre-claws, but there's no indication as to whether or not they'll be taking it back to his childhood. I'm hoping to see Wolverine in his orange and brown costume, and not just the black leather they've decided is cool.

Here are a few stills that were released to make up for the bad quality of the video:

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