Travis Charest's Spacegirl

I stumbled onto this after reading the Charest drawn story in The Metabarons: Alpha and Omega. You can read Spacegirl Vol. 1 online right here and the rest at Charest's MSN group here. The story is something straight out of Flash Gordon especially the episodic feeling of reading each panel individually online. The art is out of a Bilal/Moebius handbook. The combination of 30s space writing and European space art turns out pretty good.

Charest comments that, "Spacegirl came out of wanting to draw something as fast as possible" (newsrama) and reading it feels like it carries itself through it's own momentum. It's sort of a great change from most comics that feel weighed down by labor intensive artists.

From 2000-2007 Charest was one of these labor intensive artists while working on Metabarons: Dreamshifters. He moved to Paris to work on the project and and was painting the entire thing. He only produced a limited amount of pages in the entire seven year span due to a grueling process of painting each page three times. The pages that are in Alpha and Omega are stunning and the closest feeling of Jodorowsky's movies that I've seen.

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful stuff. I love Charest's work, thanks for steering me in it's direction.