Comic Adaptation Week: George Clooney as Nick Fury

A blight on uncreative comic artists is drawing in celebrities instead of a new face, as found in Bendis’ Secret War and Ennis’ The Boys. When Nick Fury, Sergeant of the Howling Commandos and Cold War secret agent, was introduced in Marvel’s Ultimate comics series, Samuel L. Jackson’s likeness was used. In recent years, Jackson has been cast almost exclusively as the angry Black man, birthed in Pulp Fiction but defined in almost all his roles thereafter, now to the point that he's a kind of ironic, internet meme, like "It's a trap" or something. Not good.

Samuel L. Jackson has now been cast as Nick Fury in Marvel films, beginning with a secret scene after the credits in Iron Man. The overlook of the importance of Fury’s character in the Marvel Universe, even the movie MU, by casting directors ready to snag a big name for the character will effect the coming Marvel films, especially as the leader of the World's Greatest Heroes in the upcoming Avengers film. You need someone who’s brooding while being charming, and more versatile than, you know, either Jules or Mace Windu. Also, save for that aforementioned comic-nerd internet contingent, who even cares about Samuel L. Jackson anymore?

George Clooney’s sense of style and casual seriousness capture the essence of Nick Fury. An almost James Bondian character, Fury would just as soon shoot you in the head from a mile away as he’d take your girlfriend. While guns and explosions are a part of who and what Fury is, he’s also a secretive person with the world on his shoulders. Clooney’s ability to portray grace under pressure, along with a slight self-effacing streak important in big-budget superhero movies, would do the character a lot of good. In his role as Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven, he never has to raise his voice to be a man understood, or respected. You don't question him because he is legend, only Clooney could portray him as a man as great as his myth. It helps that he looks exactly like the original Nick Fury.


Jesse Reese said...

When I read the original Ultimates I thought that the Nick Fury character was made to look like Jackson as this joke. Maybe I'm wrong, but I seem to remember him appearing with this big stupid smile on his face as if Millar/Hitch were in on it. It doesn't seem so funny anymore though does it?

samuel rules said...

I remember an issue where Jackson's Fury and someone else are talking about an Avengers movie or some shit and someone asks him who'd play him and he says "Samuel L Jackson, of course".

Maybe I just hate him because my whole life people have found it witty and hilarious to call me "Samuel L Jackson", really though they just say "Samu L Jackson"