So, it snowed a whole lot. Shit was like Hoth out there. Hope everyone's safe and warm now though. A little late on this, but here we go...

-One of my favorite blogs, Comics for Pervs has finally been updated. Dude's just uploading cool, weird comics, some hard to find, some not so much, all of them kinda weird or sexy-like and it's nice to see him back.-b

-"Still Underground" by Martin L. Johnson from Baltimore City Paper: A smart article from our city's free alternative weekly about anime. Namely, it's a sober look at how niche anime remains, how despite the sense that all us nerds have about say, Miyazaki or something, as this dude everyone knows about--well, not everybody knows about him. I won't front, part of my reason for leaving Ponyo off my "films of the year" ballot for the aforementioned City Paper was the sense that it's the cliched anime everyone would pick. And it is. That doesn't mean it isn't great and worth of our attention. FAIL on my part.-b

-"I'm Sick" by some Whiny Guy: This should probably get its own post, but really man, fuck this self-righteous, smart-guy snobbery. Dudes ripping dudes in half is part of what comics are all about! This looks awesome, so get over it, mayne. To discuss why this is stupid would be one thing, or to like unpack it into a larger concern about comics or whatever would be another, but to just sorta toss this out there, all hyperbolic ("I'm sick") and assume comics readers will just understand is obnoxious. That indeed, this view is the one held by most comics readers is why this blog is always, at the least, simmering with anger. Grow up! Violence is cool. Dude's also sipping on a big 32oz bottle of Marvel hater-ade, but that's nothing new.-b

-Bob Fingerman's late-night TV style infomercial for his upcoming From The Ashes trade is really funny and well done, but sorta sums up what sucks about most casual comics readers. People get too freaked out by issues and far too often wait for the "graphic novel" editions, like it's cool to read a comic on the bus if it might, just maybe, look like a book to anyone not sitting behind you. Fingerman's work is really weird and honest, it's post punk, and I mean that in a good way. -s

-Toycutter showcases custom toys from all over the internet. John Struan, who also runs Super Punch, posts have no commentary or reviews, just pictures of action figures, vinyl toys and even Warhammer 40k miniatures. By not adding his own two cents the toys and artists themselves are really able to shine, and honestly, without Toycutter I would have never known that people make Super Punch Out toys. -s

- Some oldie-but-goodie classics here for all your spaceship nerds out there. Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions is a super enjoyable size comparison site for ships from Star Wars, Star Trek, Robotech, and a bunch of other Sci-Fi classics. Some of the sizes are in question like: is Unicron from Transformers the Movie really smaller than our moon? It seems to be pretty well researched, and if you use Internet Explorer, you can move the ships around for a side-by-side comparison. The other site is Concept Ships' Blog. They have page after page of incredible spaceship centered art, but sometimes borders on the annoyingly technical.-j

-Amazon has a listing for an Absolute All Star Superman coming out in October. Doesn't seem to be official or anything, but still exciting to think about especially since it's one of this blog's favorite recent comics. (via)j


-I'm going to take a self-indulgent second here and pimp my article on Richard Christy of the Howard Stern Show and of the awesome metal group Charred Walls of the Damned, in this week's Village Voice: "On Richard Christy's Fun-Metal Opus Charred Walls of the Damned".b

-Speaking of metal. You reading our buddy Julian's metal blog Heavy Metal Infinity? You should.b

-Oh yeah, there's some movie called Babies coming out. Babies!!!


Nobody said...

AaahhH! This Comics for Pervs blog is awesome. Thanks, guys!

julian said...

Yeah dude, I saw the Babies trailer in the theaters. It's gonna be fucking AWESOME.

bmarv said...

Sentry ripping Ares in half was boss. Guy from that link needs to off himself.