Comic Book Adaptation Week!

You probably saw the video above somewhere or another, earlier this month. If you didn't, it's a not very funny, like, speculative fan video/parody that presupposes: What if Wes Anderson got the job to reboot Spider-Man? Only it doesn't do that, it just takes a lot of stuff from Wes Anderson movies and sorta kinda grafts them onto the basic Spider-Man storyline. It's also not a thankless fan parody but a secret commercial for one of the guys who made it's sissy singer-songwriter music but hey...internet in 2010!

That said, it did get all of us over here pondering comic book adaptations (why do so many suck?), recalling some of those lost or long-rumored ones (the Incal movie, Kevin Smith's Superman script, Aronofsky's Ronin, even David Gordon Green's Freaks of the Heartland), and drumming up a few of our own "dream" comic book adaptations. So, all this week, we'll be drumming up a bunch of our own comic-nerd wet-dream adaptations as well as defending a few unfairly maligned superhero movies, and other comic book movie related stuff.

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