-Ever wonder how you'd get fucked up if you were in Metropolis? Or what pill to pop if you want to fly? Well, here's a complete list of drugs in comic books, for you know, educational purposes.

-Frank Miller is on Twitter and that's sorta exciting, at least interesting. Especially because at this point, Frank Miller the human being is far more interesting than Frank Miller the creative person, who's makes uh, The Spirit movie, the retarded in a bad way All-Star Batman, and presumably still typing away on that comic where Batman fights Osama Bin Laden. Disappointed by the people he's following. Why does every famous person follow the same bunch of n00bs?

-Howard and Nester sorta have this mix of American, Japanese and European, nestled in the back of the Nintendo Power issues of my childhood. They could have been made today as a nostalgic take on the games we grew up on, the levels are recognizable but altered just slightly. The Duck Tales one is particularly good, no sign of Scrooge McDuck, but just a duck in a space suit?

-Star Wars, Adidas, and Daft Punk. Shit's hot.

-Been listening to Rain Forest by Paul Hardcastle a lot this week. Monique got it in Kentucky for three bucks. Indie types try to look this ironic and silly, but they just can't do it. Paul's not even trying. Shit's hot.

-Also, Monique has an Etsy shop called MORIDO. She's selling some shoes, shirts, dresses, and stuff for real cheap prices.

-"The Ultimate Graphic Novel" by David Lasky from The Stranger. It's a really good sign when a joke like this can make it's way into one of the more noted free alternative weeklies. Maybe we're getting to the point where it's just sorta accepted as fact that it's really dumb that smart comix are about war and messed-up families and junk.

-Rest in Peace to Pauly Fuemena, leader singer of OMC, best known for "How Bizarre". That's still a jam. Watch this video and weep.


Vee (Scratch) said...

The ultimate graphic novel is the best. Fortunately there are a number of graphic novels that don't follow the same format.

samuel rules said...

man, i didn't even know about franky mill on twitter. i sorta see him as this more interesting liefeld character who is so out of touch with the world that he might as well live in mars. a really gritty, dark, scary mars though. where all the aliens are dripping with blood and have huge tits and big hands

brandon said...

When Miller described their big hands though, he'd say "meat paws"--that's how he writes.

samuel rules said...

the way liefeld is a backwards hat wearing jeans, frank miller is a leather coat covered in dirt and blood with an erection with viens like cobras running down the side.

david e. ford, jr said...

strangely, that wikipedia page didn't have an entry for heavy liquid, but i rectified that oversight

david e. ford, jr said...

i'm guessing ZONER wouldn't count