Hey, Video Games Are Like Comics: Part Two

Bored with my newer video games I recently turned to Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo Gamecube, and once again in my life became obsessed with Mario's strange little brother. Probably the only person sadder than Wolverine, Luigi's never had a girl that we know of (don't give me that Daisy crap, she was Mario's) and has only had one purpose in life, saving Mario. I went to find Luigi's Mansion commercials or trailers, but this is what I found, I hope you like weird:

Japanese Luigi plays against Marios from around the world, and is completely wrecked.
Highlight- American Mario's accent and wink.

Sex sells in this Dr. Mario ad? Right?
Highlight- The plastic Dr. Mario toy throwing in the pill.

Parodying a Nike ad, this one has Luigi scoring a jump shot on Mario!
Highlight- Mario's face when he dunks.

Unlike the other adds, this one hardly features either of the brothers. It's really good claymation, and a really good game.
Highlights- Piranha Plant Mario!

This one isn't Super Mario related, but it's a video I've been into for a long time. The claymation again is superb, and the song is memorable and cute. It has nothing to do with the Pikmin dying which is a huge part of the game, just their abilities.
Highlights- All of it.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised reading old Dr Slump comics how much it must've influenced the early mario sequels. Raccoon suits and all.
I'm a sucker for that aesthetic.

The Marios from around the world kind of ahave a drag king steeze to them. The japaneese have mastered the commercial.
I like this one:

samuel rules said...

the two things about this commercial that are incredible are the nose bleed and the pose of the bikini baby, it's so perfect, it's like she was drawn

brandon said...

Woah, yeah. I just started reading 'Dr. Slump' and had the same thought when I got to the Tanoki (sp?) suit part.

Unknown said...

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