Memory and Jumping by Osamu Tezuka

Here's just a couple awesome animations by Osamu Tezuka, aka the Father of Manga. The first one is really reminiscent of old Tex Avery cartoons, and both of them have that mix of great childhood nostalgia (not that these animations are really meant for children, though) where everything is partly hilarious and partly makes you want to cry because it's sort of fucked up. Particularly, in both these cartoons (and in a lot of Japanese pop culture) you can see Tezuka dealing with the ever-present specter of the atomic bomb, and its lasting effects on the collective conscious of the Japanese.

Its unfortunate the quality is so poor on Jumping, but I think the sense of movement comes across smoothly enough. I'm pretty curious as to exactly what's going on in all of the windows of the office building, although I can say that at the three minute mark there is a pretty sweet cameo.

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