Inevitable Alliance

You Tube is a mecca for a director's dreams, but because of the instant exposure their films can potentially receive, they jump at the chance to make something without much editing or self critique. The actors they end up casting are completely uninterested in what they are doing and are always just a buff guy or some kung fu dude they got off Craigslist. Without the large budget for Super Hero realism that they may want to achieve, the movies end up just being sad internet jokes. Made up of over 3000 pictures, Inevitable Alliance lasts a fast nine minutes, and has no words. It feels like a twenty two page comic that consists of two page spreads and huge sound effects. Even with an open ending, it feels complete but still gives you a need for more, just like the best single issues in a series. Hopefully there's more to come.

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Jesse Reese said...

holy kenobi this was good. It's great how it has it's own style to it. Like how the super powers are cartoony and so are the backgrounds but the toys are Marvel Legends so really realistic.