Mermaid Machine's Just Desserts

Not like I know how to write about music, or particularly how to write about rap, but maybe this would be a little most listenable if Piantedosi didn't sound like that girl who's the head of the fashion committee in the Daria cartoons. I obviously knew what I was getting into when I got this at SPX, having occasionally read her lyrics when they worked their way into her comics. I figured it would be comprised of cute little raps about cakes and fashion and I mean, it is what it is in that respect, and I'm into that. I couldn't have expected it to be this mind-blowing, perfectly mastered piece of genius, but songs about coke dealers and lines (har har) like "Can I get a piggy back to the bathroom please?/ If you wasn't so creepy then maybe you could sleep with me" show that all irony and co-opting of black culture aside, there's really something to say about girls like this actually making their own music, and not just throwing on a pair of "Kanye" sunglasses, blasting some MIA and calling it a day.
To be real, though, the quality of recording could be a little better. It's not recorded in the way where the shitty sound makes you feel like you have this product of unique creativity in a more pure form, but just in a way where the volume is inconsistent and sort of difficult to listen to. A plus though, some of the beats are surprisingly sophisticated for something like this, but again, I can't really articulate that much better and while I could pass this off to Brandon to write about, I'm not trying to do that to Piantedosi. Perfect Stars till the day I die, but girlie, maybe stick to illustrating your rhymes.

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