Where My Money Went - Oct. 22

Every Wednesday I push the limits of my budget for my comic addiction. This is where my money went this week:

I read this on the bus ride home and immediately read it again. My first time through Secret Invasion #7 I sped through it, wanting the action, needing to know what fucked up thing was going to happen next. The second time I examined each panel looking for new Super Skrulls and cameo characters in the background. This series puts me in a place few comics do, my childhood, when two page spreads of fighting weren't from a lack of story telling but because one page couldn't contain the action. There's only one more installment of the event left, and questions are being answered. Spider-Man says it best when he says "Hey, you know what, this ain't so bad, all things considered. These big Earth shakers, I've been around them. You know when you have to worry, is when Uatu shows up." But then he shows up, so they are all fucked.

With a steep price point at $5.99, I didn't pick up the first Soleil comic Skydoll, but I could not pass up Samurai: Legend. It has the same huge "MATURE CONTENT" label on it as Wolverine: Saudade but here it makes a lot more sense. Visual narration is a big deal to me (I think you should be able to know what's going on page to page without reading text) and movement should feel like it's actually moving. The violence plays out in this comic like an old samurai film you'd watch late night on cable, but without the bad dubbing or engrish subtitles. The scenery is it's own character, feeling the dank depths of caves and freezing cold mountain tops, making you feel for and understand the characters more. Samurai Takeo is a masterless traveller searching for his destiny but becomes side tracked as his party begins to grow. They get chased by gnarly masked samurai who are basically monsters, while searching for answers and an ancient treasure called "The Thirteenth Prophet". I don't know what else you'd want.

I saw this thinking "Another X-Book?" but picked it up anyways since I'm a sucker for Wolverine. After all the drama in the main X-Men series, Wolverine is moving into his new home and unpacking his things, meaning a box with a six pack in it. His past catches up to him with a picture of a woman and an old spear head that fall on the floor after (a REALLY well drawn) Nightcrawler drops a box. After all his years without memories, the few he does have he constantly reflects on and regrets, so he decides to make good with the local crime syndicate since he's moved into their town. At the end of the story another one of Wolverine's ex-lovers appears along with another situation he may not get out of. I should have just summed this entire comic up as "Wolverine drinks beer and wears a cowboy hat and then fights a bunch of kung fu dudes, it's awesome." but I decided to give you guys little more.

I want good comics, not just any comics. Here's where my money didn't go:

I wanted to like Final Crisis. I wanted to be involved in both major company's event books, but Final Crisis didn't cut it. Not enough of the characters are interesting and half the time I really just didn't care. I thought the death of Martian Manhunter was incredible and very Morrison without being too metaphysical, but the third issue just bored me. I had to pick it up four times before I could really get into it. I didn't buy any of the tie-ins because I just didn't care. Nothing grabbed me in any of the books.

I read the Inhumans and X-Men Secret Invasion tie-ins, but the Spider-Man seemed strange. After the "Brand New Day" story line, it seems weird to put him back into continuity after pretending the Civil War didn't happen. The Super Skrull consisting of the Web Head's villains looked cool, but not enough to justify reading the issues. Maybe I'll read the trade.


Anonymous said...

I might have to get that Samurai book. I really want to like the Soleil books Marvel's been putting out but nothings moved me that hard yet.

I think the formula of "Wolverine drinks beer and wears a cowboy hat and then fights a bunch of kung fu dudes" should be the Adamantium rule for all his books. I would feel robbed without any of those elements. maybe cowboy hat could be interchanged with cigar.

samuel rules said...

Or an eye patch. those old Wolverines where he has that eye patch are awesome. Also: Flannel.

I read the first issue of Skydoll and actually think you'd be really into it. It's this weird Bucky O'Hare style universe but less actual animal types, and the Skydolls are just sex slave essentially, all around this religious stuff. It comes out in trade soon I think.