Look Out For The Little Guy: Tumescence

Nate Doyle's mini comic Tumescence isn't quirky or cute the way most mini comics are about losing your virginity. There's no unnecessary heart break or terrible falling out between the characters, and the girls aren't shown super sexy. It's hard to call a story, but more a few short facts about Nate's early years of love, or more appropriately, early years of being horny and not understanding why.

Being nervous about sex and getting a girl pregnant is a serious fear when you're young, especially since the little bit of education you get comes from school or your parents. The same people who teach you about the "birds and the bees" also yell at you for reading books with nudity in them, and in Nate's case they are the people who make you draw clothes on the naked characters. With little to no actual knowledge of our bodies (or the consequences of using them) we all have our first pregnancy scares, even when the girl's on birth control and the dude didn't come inside her. Sex just makes everyone stupid and when you're young and uneducated, even playing just the tip makes you think in nine months you'll have twins or something.

Once we finally get the science of fucking down we have to find a place to do it, which often means fumbling in our parent's houses in the "privacy" of our rooms. At any moment our parents could call our names, knock on the door, or even make a noise and your erection is gone along with the mood or you'll have to pull the dreaded dong conceal, which means trying to put your boner straight up, held down by your belt. The worst is when your parents just walk in unannounced, and possibly see your girlfriend naked, or worse, what you are actually doing. There are two kinds of parents, the ones that right then and there have a talk with you and your girlfriend, or the ones who pin you down later in the kitchen or in the car. This is where the horror comes from for Nate, trapped in the passenger seat his Dad gives him the advice he never wanted "It could take a drop of a bucket full, it doesn't matter, any of that stuff could get her pregnant."


Anonymous said...

That looks cool.

My entire life has been one long dreaded dong conceal broken up by a series of naps.

smoky man said...

Great blog. Full of interesting reviews and ideas.
I'll be back, for sure :)

A big ciao from Italy
smoky man

samuel rules said...

Bredan Graggs-
i just stopped hiding them, except from my mom, i don't want her to know i get boners.

thanks for reading dude! we update too much and have no lives.