DC Steps Its Game Up With Wednesday Comics

So, today DC Comics confirmed they are putting out a 12-part weekly series reminiscent of the one-page Sunday comics section. The comics will be over-sized and fold down into a traditional comics form. The most exciting news about this is that great creators like Mike Allred, Paul Pope, Joe Kubert, and Kyle Baker have been attached.

This seems like a great move for DC and the sort of thing they need to do more often. DC has always seemed like the Pepsi of the big two, always sort of aping their more daring competitor's style. They seem locked into a super crossover event war that Marvel has consistently won. The entire Marvel Universe seems meticulously planned with each book standing on its own but somehow still managing to compliment the others. DC's have the feeling of stand alones trying hard to lock into each other.

DC is at its best when it focuses on its characters, and it does this best when in an "Elseworlds" format. Their characters have always been more archetypal and suffered from the character drain that is continuity. Something like "Elseworlds" gives creators the chance to focus on what makes the characters essential and still relevant.

The format itself is exciting because in a time when the trend seems to be heading towards digital and trade paperbacks (see comments) DC steps forward and reminds us why reading comics every week cane still be exciting. It gives you something to look forward to every week and that’s something that can’t be duplicated in any another format.


samuel rules said...

WHOA this is awesome. I can't wait for this shit.

darrylayo said...

That's a good look for DC. I've never quite made the full connection myself about DC's innate style and Marvel's. Really opened up my eyes here!