Morrison & Quitely's Batman Is a Go!

Shouldn't this be blowing up the internet? It probably would if comics fans gave a shit about anything really. DC should get extra points for slyly sticking the teaser art in the back of their books this week, without proper credit, just Quitely's brilliant art standing alone. But the internets figures this shit out and really, this is a big deal because other than that slept-on Kevin Maguire Batman Confidential joint from last year, has anything DC (not Vertigo, DC) been worth anything since All-Star Superman?

Too bad there can't just be some kind of real-life version of DC retarded time fuckery in which the earth could be spun backwards or shot into another 'verse or some shit so that All-Star Batman never existed and this new Morrison and Quietly could just also be a part of the "All-Star" brand. And then, every couple years ago they make some forward-thinking incredibly dope but still all-out superhero comic for a classic DC character. No matter what though, this should be good.

And even though that tiny-ass Robin is less the "classic" and more like Damian from Morrison's "Batman & Son", that happens to be the best bat-shit crazy Morrison/Batman storyline and I'd love a return to that sort of weirdness instead of whatever's going on in "R.I.P" and subsequent fall-out from that. The art too--basically what'll make this an amazing instead of interesting Morrison comic--is especially exciting because it retains that lumpy playfullness of Quitely's work but also seems to be trying something new too.

Quitely's great but his work can sometimes feel really same-y, the above cover seems to be reaching for a little more reality, which works. I'm reminded of Paul Pope's Year 100 with a sense of reality or like, pragmatism to the costume and gadgets. Check out the padded parts of Robin's suit, or the realistic, stream-lined but still sorta bulky boots on Batman.

There's also a scrawly scratchy sense of shading to the work that's especially prominent in sample page below. Maybe it's the black and white, maybe it's the bad-ass action scene in a tunnel, but here Quitely's on his Otomo shit. Maybe all his work looks this incredible or this special kind of awesome before coloring and digital effects, but yeah, this looks good.


Nobody said...

Jeez, Robin looks like a smug little leprechaun. Oh well, exciting news anyway.

Anonymous said...

I picked up on a Batman Year 100 physicality in that cover, too. Be Cool if it turns out Pope is an influence on how Quitely approaches the art in the series.

Be even cooler if Grant got Paul to do one of the three issue stints that Quitely isn't drawing.

brandon said...

Ha, for sure. I kinda would prefer a typical Batman story but this'll do I guess.

Is this news as fact that Quitely wont be doing the whole series or just speculating?

And yes. It would be a real good look for DC to get some interesting weirder artists...

Anonymous said...

Uncomfirmed rumor & reading between the lines, I guess.

Grant talks here (http://comics.ign.com/articles/961/961488p1.html) about Quitely doing the first three and then "coming back" to wrap the year long storyline up.

& I think Rich Johnston said something about Doug Mahnke doing a run of issues, too.

brandon said...

Thanks for the links!
That's kind of a bummer I think, I sorta hate when that happens in a comic....