The Dylan Dog Case Files Out in April

Just noticed that a compilation of Dylan Dog comics comes out from DARK HORSE pretty soon: The Dylan Dog Case Files. Not a whole lot of information on it, but given the Mike Mignola cover and the page-length (600 pages), my guess is it's the series DARK HORSE released in the late 90s, as like these great, single, 100-page story-arcs in kinda cheap digest-sized trades. That's the only Dylan Dog stuff I've read but they're really some of the coolest, weirdest, comics in my collection.

Not sure if it's included in this trade, but there's a non-numbered, non-Mignola cover one put out around the same time, in the same style, called ZED that is super-trippy and bizarre. Either way, this is a trade actually work picking up, as it's 600 pages and all the stories are really dense and engrossing. You won't be paying 20 bucks for something you'll read on your lunch break with this.

Apparently, this in conjunction with Dylan Dog movie starring Brandon "Superman" Routh that's going to come out that like, I'm not judging but will probably be wack. Plus, there's already a Dylan Dog movie that's not quite a a Dylan Dog movie but feels as close to as weird and bizarre and rarefied as the comic, Cemetery Man...replacing Dylan's Grouch Marx look-alike sidekick with a balding Uncle Fester retard creepo dude somehow made perfect sense.

BONUS: Dylan Dog Commodore 64 Game:

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