Comics for Serious favorite Cosmic Comix, has the first banner up on our blog. We'd like to think of our blog as a place for the nerds that aren't complete fan-boys (not that I only read Marvel books) or "intellectual" comics Graphic Novels and Sequential Art readers (I don't have a Mome subscription, honest), and Cosmic's the same way.

We've written about the store before because we all feel confident supporting it. The incredible stock of new as well as old issues makes Cosmic worth a trip, but what makes it worth going back to are the people there who care about you and ask you how you are doing. Their eBay store is a testament to the crew, the prices don't suck and you're not just looking at more issues of Young Blood. There's just no bullshit at Cosmic, just some dudes who want to sell comics and turn you on to something new.

We are all involved in comics, music and other forms of art, and want to help be a part of, and build upon, the communities and people we respect. We want to help out the people who help us out, we want to work with the little dudes; we want comics to grow. On the real, we also wouldn't mind some extra money, giving us a little more freedom to update the blog, and attend comic-cons and stuff.

So, in a humble attempt to mix scene-support with money-grubbing greed, we're saying: You can advertise with us for really cheap. Contact us by e-mail about it and I'm sure we can work something out. Comics For Serious wants to be somewhere that independent comics creators, toy makers, and publishers can come to, we want to build a community where we can all come together to keep our industry (and non-industry comics blogs) alive.

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