"Her Body's Not Real/It Looks Like Crumb Drew Her"

UGK featuring Akon - "Hard As Hell"

So, most of you nerds probably only listen to like, Linkin Park and read Secret Invasion or like fall asleep to The Decemberists with a copy of Optic Nerve on your lap, but if you don't know, the great UGK's final album, UGK 4 LIFE comes out today and it's really good and on "Hard as Hell"--which on the real, is the only kinda boner-kill on the album, the verses are still great though--does feature Bun B describing as woman as "look[ing] like Crumb drew her". So you know, comics stuff too!

-UGK featuring E-40, B-Legit, and 8ball & MJG "Used to Be"

If you want my kinder, less asshole-ish reasons for why UGK's great, click here.


Brandon G said...

I'm all about Miles davis with 20th century boys this week.

As far as comic references in music I always iked the old Consequence line "ya knaw 'mean slim /I done my Thing like Ben Grimm" But it doesn't quite have the backside of referencing a Crumb drawing. I think there's a porn star called Drunna while we're on the subject.

And also this led me back to your No trivia which I hadn't been to in too long. It was rad to see the Marian drawing you threw up there.
While I'm typing at you she's finishing up her 3rd Elephanmen issue.

Vee (Scratch) said...

Speaking about music and comics, I recently listened to the classic but slept on Ghostface's Ironman. I say slept on because Supreme Clientele gets all the critical acclaim. I still think Winter Warz was incredible, especially Cappadonna's verse stealing, never-ending rhyme.

"CD massacre to cassette"

In my opinion most "rap" comic books were never able to create any amount of magic. I'm still surprised the recent Meth book was kind of so-so.

david e. ford, jr said...


20th century boys is GREAT--'s all i have to say about that. also, CAN'T WAIT for those elephantmen to come out, already.

vee- ironman is also GREAT--that's kinda all i have to say about that as well.

brandon said...

Woah, the T-Rex connection had me waiting to borrow David's copy of 20th Century, that's cool it has more music stuff in it.

Rappers love comics.

That's cool about No Trivia and yeah, I sort of just use that as an excuse to show some cool piece of art I'm obsessing over and I've been going through Marian's stuff a lot more lately, in anticipation for Elephantmen.

Samax said...

Rappers definitely love comics. i'm actually surprised we don't see more marketing of comics to the hip hop crowd (kinda the point of my blog/fan mag ghettoManga). just another example of mass media not quite getting it.