Wolverine Turns 35 in Comic Years

In 2009 Wolverine turns 35 years old, and to commemorate this occasion a bunch of Marvel books are coming out with variant covers drawn by different artists. All of the covers pay homage not just to Wolverine, but also artists and art styles from throughout time. The idea was presented to the artists as a "What If?" style project, no one knowing how long Wolverine's been around, who knows who he's met and who would have captured him with their art? Here are the covers:

Edward Gorey
Alphonse Mucha
Gustav Klimt
Vincent Van Gogh
Cave Paintings
C.M. Coolidge
Roy Lichenstein
Pablo Picasso
Sunday Cartoon Strips
Salvador Dali
Rene Magritte
Andy Warhol
Edvard Munch
Japanese Woodblock


Nobody said...


BG said...

Half of these just look like John J muth or kent williams paintings to me.

It's like an interesting test to see how the Marvel dudes stack up when emulating classic dudes.

They can't come close to a klimt and that cave painting looks like it was found at disney. But this is a cool art nerd idea.

I do really like the Gorey one.

This also reminds me of how played out Mucha based comic covers are. They have to be at least several hundred by now. I saw a furry porn comic done in Mucha style once.

Reds said...


Viagra said...

The Cave Painting, Dali, and Van Gogh are the best. Wolverine is my all time Favorite character of Marvel. The best X-Man, and turning 35 just makes it even better, he is just starting. Let wolverine live as long as mankind exists.