Dragonball: Origins for Nintendo DS

Thanks to Brandon Graham talking up DragonBall and child hood memories of the television show, I've been watching and reading anything related that I can find. I've made the decision that DragonBall is far superior to DragonBall Z, but that leaves a lot to be desired as far as comics and DVDs go. Today while watching this My Chemical Romance video, I saw an ad for DragonBall: Origins, and then had to face the fact that it was time to sell some stuff so I could buy it. There are hardly ever good video games that tie in with comics, especially something older like DragonBall. The DragonBall Franchise (including DBZ and DB: GT) is still active, with new seasons of the shows coming out, and the Budokai games coming out yearly and selling well. Strict DragonBall fans like me are out of luck, stuck with finding old toys on eBay and art books.

DB: Origins is Goku's first adventure finding the Dragon Balls and meeting his lifetime friends. You have to learn all of Goku's signature techniques by training with Turtle Master Roshi, and learning what girls are with Bulma. You use the Stylus to move Goku and attack enemies, and occasionally get to team up in game with characters from the series. It was completely worth my 30 bucks, especially when you consider those 30 dollars came from selling promo CDs from work to Sound Garden.


For the sneaker nerds:

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