Looking Out For the Little Guy: Scritch & Scratch

Scritch and Scratch are two artist friends that posts everything from finished images, to rough, fun sketches, to in-progress work on their website. Scritch goes for a line-y, demented, style of old school graffitti meets Heavy Metal cartoony realism, while Scratch's work invokes that weird time period during the 70s when like, stoner "adult" comics and little kid cartoons were essentially one in the same, so, they're both mining a really interesting era of pop-culture art but in different ways, but they both bring an infectious amount of creativity and comics/cartoon/illustration history to all of their work.

Here's some of their work, my favorites, picked from recent blog posts and the three-plus year archive of work:



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Vee (Scratch) said...

Thanks for the plug!!

Brandon, check out the new Vertigo title Unknown Soldier. The visuals are well done. The story line promises to be potentially good.