Alrugo brings you Italian Spiderman, a made-to-look vintage "Spiderman" TV show. There could easily be a lot of problems with this as an idea but they really pull it off. Most times, when people try to make things look old, it's embarrassing because they slack off in some way...but not Alrugo. They further their joke by the use of the vintage-look. If it were just this fat guy with a fake mustache posing as a Spiderman meets Zorro wop, running around, fighting people, it would just be sort of annoying and simply ironic.

But Alrugo don't miss a beat. They show how much they give a shit about their product by not slacking on details...for example, it's got this prog-influenced Italian rock score that I can't identify--they may have made it themselves which is impressive because it's a dead-ringer for Goblin or Fabio Frizzi-style scoring--shows how nerdy and thought-out Italian Spiderman> really is. Through intense use of the traits of old VHS as special effects a la Borat TV, they have created a show that could easily fool people into believing that it is old if it didn't employ a hilariously over-the-top sensibility more in-tune with internet humor.

Here's all ten episodes!

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david e. ford, jr said...

oh my god, you've done a major public service by bringing these all together!