Baltimore Comic Con 2008: Jesse's Impressions and Haul

Day 1: I was completely overwhelmed. I don't know what it is but just something about being surrounded by thousands of comics and people but I can never get my bearings. Having people dressed up like the Joker, Metaknight, and Jedi certainly didn't help. I got lost constantly and ended up just sort of wandering. But it was great and I still got tons of good stuff. Here was my haul:

Mythos "Spiderman" by Paul Jenkins and Paolo Rivera - I read Mythos "Fantastic Four" and "Captain America" before buying this. I was excited to see they had a Spiderman one. I like how the tone of these are a little sad.

Twisted Taled #1 -Great Richard Corben cover on this one. That's all I needed to see.

Beanworld Book One by Larry Marder - I have read this before but it felt good to get a copy into my hands. Beanworld is some of the best stuff around.

The Thing: Freak Show by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins - I've picked this up a couple of times and every time thought it looked interesting. For half price it was finally time to take the plunge.
The Incredible Hulk "Ground Zero" by Peter David, Todd McFarlene, et al. - The art in this just looks nuts. The Hulk has such a tiny head and the heavy line work reminds me of a Darrow or Quietly.

Dreadstar Vol. 2 by Jim Starlin - Jim Starlin is a personal favorite of mine. Infinity Gauntlet and Death of Captain Marvel specifically. I've read Dreadstar Vol. 1 and loved it. Starlin does great panel transitions and knows how to set up a page.

Winsor McCay Early Works V - Little Nemo is great but this has some of McCay's even better political cartoons. They were posted a while ago at Golden Age of Comic Book Stories.

ABC Warriors: The Black Hole by Pat Mills, Simon Bisley, and S.M.S. - I bought this just by flipping through it and reading the first lines, "During the classical period of Terra's history, Emperor Zalinn ordered the construction of an artificial Black and White Hole on the planet itself...to provide a highway to the heavens!

Abraxis and the Earthman by Rick Veitch - I've Veitch's stunning Maximortal and have wanted to read this one for a while. Moby Dick in space???

Wolverine "Blood Hungry" by Peter David and Sam Keith - Sam Keith is pretty good right? His art here fits pretty well with Wolverine and I've been getting more interested in Wolverine since Old Man Logan and Wolverine: Saudade.

Mouse Gaurd: Belly of the Beast - Medieval mice fight a snake. Awesome.

Day 1 I attended the Kirkman vs. Bendis panel. I had only really seen Kirkman's video manifesto so it was pretty interesting to hear Bendis' argument against it. It seemed to me that they were both arguing different things. They ended up arguing about the economics of the industry. Kirkman at the heart of his argument thinks that more comics should be original and not re-hashing old characters. I think that this is a better argument to make than to say that creator owned works are sustainable.
Day 2: A fresh new day. Focused and ready to go. A lot less people on a Sunday made browsing a lot easier. Highlights from day two were hearing a couple of hilarious exchanges. One guy trying hard to get his friend to buy some Witchblade while his friend blatantly told him it sucked. Another guy professed his love for Spiderwoman at an artists table "Aw. You've got my girl Spiderwoman. She is seriously hot. Seriously" Day 2's haul I got more into the white boxes:

Mythos "Hulk" by Paul Jenkins and Paolo Rivera - Decided to go with the trend of buying Mythos Spiderman and pick up this one as well. I read it the other day and it's the best one yet.

Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure by Walter Simonson and Mike Mignola - I bought this on the strength of Mignola and my growing love for the hairy one.

Akira Vol. 1 No. 5 - I've got No. 1-4 and I love them. Can't wait to read this.

Doom Patrol #14 by John Arcudi and Seth Fisher - A Seth Fisher classic. He even makes the trees seem important.

B.P.R.D. The Dead #1 and #2 by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, and Guy Davis - I've been wanting to read some B.P.R.D. after reading some Hellboy recently.

The Life of Captain Marvel #4 by Jim Starlin - <3 Starlin <3 Marvel

Batman: Snow by Dan Curtis Johnson, J.Williams III, and Seth Fisher - ANOTHER Seth Fisher Classic. He draws Batman to look human making him look akward, pathetic, but still heroic. Fisher is one of the best.
The Silver Surfer "Parable" #1 by Stan Lee and Moebius - One of my favorite characters by one of my favorite artists. So glad I finally found this.

Batman: Dark Allegeinces by Howard Chaykin - Batman fights the KKK. What else can I say?

Daredevil: Yellow by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale - Long Halloween, Dark Victory, and Spiderman: Blue all were great, so Daredevil: Yellow was the logical next step.

I also picked up some awesome free posters of Dark Sied, Kull, and Usagi Yojimbo. The Con overall was very fulfilling. The biggest disappointment was the lack of quality toys. The comics, for the most part, were discounted by all the toys were at premium prices. There's nothing better than having a giant stack of unread comics waiting for you at home. It gets you through the day.


Anonymous said...

Nice haul,

I love how much dense awesome there is in an issue of Dreadstar.

And that ABC warriors is so dense it's like 3 issues on every page.

I really like the extras in the back of that Moebius Silver Surfer book. But I can't help but think how much better I'd have been if Stan Lee wasn't involved.

But then I sound like a wet blanket all over your nice new comics. It's still an awesome book.

Jesse Reese said...

Hey Brandon thanks for the comment.

YES! 'Dense awesome' is a great way of putting how a good comic feels to read. I have a long post in me somewhere about the greatness of Starlin and Dreadstar. I neglected to mention in my ABC Warriors blurb that I'm a big 2000AD fan.

I think Stan the man gets kind of a bad rap. I know Jack Kirby and Ditko hated him because they did pretty much all the work and he got all the credit, but the old boy must have been doing something right over there at Marvel. Although, to back up your point, Kirby's idea of Silver Surfer as purely a construct of Galactus is way better. Moebius + Kirby = ????

Nah, not a wet blanket. More like a wet security blanket. I've been reading too much Peanuts....

brandon said...

I gotta go with Mr. Graham on this one. Lee's throwback writing--he could be unsophisticated and obvious in the 60s and get away with it, but not by 88--just doesn't really fit with Moebius' art. It would been insane and rambly a la' 'Airtight Garage' but Moebz shoulda written that shit too? Or, a Jodorowsky/Moebius SSurfer??????

Jesse Reese said...

I can't even IMAGINE what a Jodorowsky/Moebius Surfer would be like! Probably pretty close to what goes on in my psyche.

I think that Lee's style of writing works the best with the Surfer though. It's not great or anything but there's something to be said for the historic-language/alien-being combination. Also, being sort of obvious works in this comic that calls itself Parable I think. All I'm basically saying is that with comics n00bs Stan is definitely overrated, but with people who know their comics I think he's a little underrated.