The Kid's Comic Book Reviews

Today I stumbled upon this kid Liam's blog, that him and his dad do together. Obviously Laim's fresh and honest taste in comics makes his short reviews interesting, but what he's picking up every week is what really draws me in. After Robert Kirkman's manifesto and what he thinks kids should be reading, it's refreshing to see Liam's dad letting him buy books outside of the "Marvel Adventures" line. When I was younger, I shopped for comics the same way Liam does now, and what looked cool was not always within my age group. Growing up, I didn't buy only comics made for my age group, but whatever looked awesome.

Reading the same comics as everyone else made me feel adult and talking to my Uncle and his friends about comics helped me understand them better. It made us grow close as we talked about the "grown up" themes that at the time, I only related to the comic. I realize now, as an adult, that I understand some things better because of these strange moral conversations.

Now, introducing my sister to comics I see the same things, she understands the separate fantasy worlds but needs help comprehending why the X-Men are hated when they help people. I talk to her about things like this and wish my imagination allowed me to become as immersed as she is. Liam's blog gives you a fresh perspective on things, and hopefully he'll even show you something new.

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