I Don't Need The Movie, Give Me The Game.

After the success of Lego Star Wars, the dudes at Traveller's Tales were given the oppurtunity to make Lego Batman which comes out Sept. 23rd for almost every currently available console. The Lego Star Wars game was something I bought randomly and became obsessed with. On it's surface, it's a simple platformer with an easy combat system that anyone can pick up, but it's difficult enough for the hardcore nerd in me who needs to collect every last thing. The more I played, I realized that I could be any character from any Star Wars movie, from Luke to JarJar, each person (or Droid or Wookie) has it's own special action that you need to get 100% completion. You can earn points to buy more characters and bonuses, and get to go through every moment of the movies.

The Lego Batman website alone is great to play around and see the different characters, especially Mr. Freeze and Clayface. A large amount of Batman's Rogue's Gallery is sure to make it into this game, and with Killer Moth featured on the site, I can't imagine who else they're going to bring in.

AND McDonald's even has Lego Batman Happy Meal Toys!

And if you're too scared of awesome all-ages stuff and need to look tough, Batman: Arkham Asylum is scheduled for sometime in 2009 and will be coming out for X-Box 360 and PS3. Most licensed games are so awful now it's not even worth getting excited about any of them, but holy shit, Killer Croc???

With Marvel putting out games like Spider-Man 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, for DC to have been allowing the Batman Begins tie-in game, and the sad, terrible one we won't talk about, it's good to see two games I actually want to play. Lego Batman is going to be something I obsess over for the rest of the year, and Batman: Arkham Asylum will be the reason I buy an X-Box. I mean, that Killer Croc looks awesome.

and The Joker???

That's all I need, I'm sold.

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