Goon City, Pixel Art Project

Goon City is a pixel art project started by Ryan Allen. The site is basically Google maps if anyone could design regions. The best part about it is it's really fun to just scan all the different areas. There is SO much to be explored. Just like Google Maps, you can scan and zoom but instead of satellite photos or road maps, you see someone's great idea. The project is genius, in part, because the concept essentially is not far from how land is actually developed (without zoning laws of course!). Just marinate on that for a minute...how fucked up is that people can actually "own" land? Alternatively, how GREAT is it that people (even you!) can own and develop land, making it a personal area of their own? 

Goon City ultimately looks like an aesthetically shittier but more interesting version of the pixel art cityscapes done by Eboy. The problem with the Eboy cityscapes is that they use too many similar buildings and instead of making cities exactly accurate, they just makes them boring or use the buildings to pimp out shit like Peecol, the line of Eboy figurines for kidrobot. Also, let's not forget that they are doing this based on actual cities, which probably have some incredible old hand-drawn map like this one already: 

The DIFFERENCE: Eboy is a group of deutsche-men on some real derivative shit and ...THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.


Dunder Mifflin from The Office

Saarlac Pit from Star Wars

A scene from Mars Attacks

A scene from the movie Heat

The Truman Show in action

Gotham Police Department

Caveman with a boner, or something?

Replication of a horse picture that was on Space Ghetto a couple of days ago (with Mega Man in the foreground)


Andreas Schuster said...

yes! hating on boring eboy is good!
i like this blog

brandon said...

Thanks for reading!!