Belated B-Day Wishes to Joe Kubert

Joe Kubert turned 82 yesterday, we forgot. Happy Birthday, Joe!

Here's a Madman pin-up that doesn't seem to already be on the internet. Madman hatched from an egg with this weird God-like Tor with an Amish beard character hovering over-top? Awesome and sort of what Mike Allred's series is all about.

One aspect of Kubert's work that seems to be forever overshadowed by his ridiculously consistent and brilliant illustration, is his writing. One foot's firmly planted in the over-excited language of old comics, but Kubert's writing has a hard-edged poetry to it too, like the writing of old crime and pulp novels, from which of course, a lot of the "comics" style of writing came from in the first place. He hits a sentence or two in every book that's perfectly written and his narration especially, always has an odd, complicated interaction with his images. He's a great, ego-less storyteller, so often, just by the art, exactly what's going on is really clear and as a result, his narration adds a strange, emotional level to what's going on, it's more than informative and it's more than internal dialogue too. Here's a pretty hilarious caricature of Kubert:


Kubert's writing often has a resigned inevitability to it and his art's fairly realistic, but he has a brilliant imagination, best exemplified in the weirdo creatures and monster he creates. Similar to the stuff I was blabbing about above--the tension between the words and the image--the creatures seem even more alive and surreal because Kubert's writing generally go for realism.

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