Baltimore Comic Con 2008: Karen's Haul

Tales of the Beanworld #4 "Beanish's Break Out" and #9 "A Gift Comes"- Basically I looked all over the place for anything booth to have Beanworld issues, and the ONLY ONE that did had issues which are collected in the volumes that Monique has, not the seven issues which have yet to be published in a collection. If you know anything about the issues I got you can obviously see I was really looking for Tales of the Beanish World, cause that motherfucker rules. #4 was one of the original Beanworld Press issues, and I had to drop eight bones on it, but it was totally worth it.

Legends of the Dark Knight #51 "Snitch"- This was the first back issue I ended up grabbing at the con. LOTDK is pretty great for me because I don't have to worry about any sort of major continuity and they're more fun/ accessable to browse through and collect than other back issues. This one had this awesome Kubert cover I don't have a scan of yet, but I'll try to get it up soon.

Legends of the Dark Knight-Annual 1992 "Vows"- Another reason LOTDK is great for me is you can just pick issues because the covers are awesome, and hopefully you'll get an awesome story, too. I haven't read this yet, but the cover is Comissioner Gordon, apparently shot laying on a woman in a wedding dress who is pointing a gun at someone. Serious, how will this be lame?

X-Men Classic #57 "Kitty's Fairy Tale"- Honestly, I've been reading the Avengers Fairy Tale books, and I have the Spiderman Fairy Tales trade, and for the most part they are awesome. I discovered this while helping Sammy's then seven year old sister pick out what comics to buy. This one also had this sweet Mignola cover that caught my eye, as most Mignola covers tend to do.

RabbitHead by Rebecca Dart- David got this graphic novel a year or so ago and it looks awesome. I saw parts of it in the Best American Comics Anthology from 2006 and was pretty into it, and the booth where I got this and the rest of my graphic novels had them for half off, so it was only like two bucks.

Last Lonely Saturday by Jordan Crane- If you see this, just get it. Get anything you can find by Jordan Crane. Being old is so fucked.

Powr Mastrs vol. 1 by CF- I'm not so sure about this one, but I was really caught up in buying all this shit from that one booth. It's some hoity-toity indie bullshit, maybe. I like alot of hoity-toity indie bullshit.

Little Vampire Vol. 1 by Joann Sfar- Everything this dude does is awesome. I'm not even jewish but I was so pissed when I found out only one volume of Klezmer was published in english.

Louis Riel by Chester Brown- I'd been eyeing some single issues of this in our local comic store Cosmic Comix. Plus, I heard it was good and I'm into the art.

Prince Valiant Vol. 28 "Savage Girl" by Hal Foster- I got this for my queerby brother. He got a bunch of Prince Valiant comics from out of our grandparents house, and I guess they're cool? Also for my queerby brother I got...

This Gwen Stacey Tumbler-

Dude's name is Peter. It seemed appropriate.

Some non-comic things I got were this signed Beanworld print from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund table.

And I got this awesome Bernie Wrightson tote with this zombie bursting up out of the ground. Some of us went to his lecture thing and aside from dealing with probably the only motherfucker at Comic Con who doesn't know how to run a power point presentation, I thought it was interesting enough to go and get something of his.

I made this post while I was at school today and I totally forgot about these three Judge Dredd "Megazines" I got. Each has part of these six stories, so they're like anthologies kind of. I got this Judge Dredd/ Batman trade at Cosmic Comix at a 50% off sale this summer and it totally ruled, so I figure these three for a dollar each wasn't a bad bet.

I also forgot those Heroclix Brandon mentions in his recap. I got this Plastic Man, but he's just the stretchy version, not the mailbox or the hang-glider version. And I got this little Gotal Mercenary figure, which is part of the Star Wards Heroclix or some shit? Ask Jesse about that, I just thought it looked cool. And free.

Worst Moment: Sammy taking the batteries out of my camera Saturday night so dudes could play Smash Brothers and then not putting them back and not being able to take pictures on Sunday OR (and more seriously) walking back to our car in the rain and my Beanworld print getting a little warped.
Best Moment: Standing in the middle of this aisle with Monique, Moonshine and Peter and talking shit on all these nerds for like 45 minutes. To whom it may concern: Flesh colored corduroy bucket hats are not the way to go. CC dudes from Richmond: Fuck your state.

Expect a more detailed recap and analysis of SPX coming up this weekend. I am kind of the resident indie queerby here, and I'm like 99% sure I'm going to quit my job tomorrow, so I'll have all the damn time I need.

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