Secret Invasion #6 By Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu

With two issues from its end, the series finally starts to come together. With lines drawn in the sand, and Skrull sleeper agents revealed, the entire Marvel cast gets ready to take on the Skrull Empire.

S.I. number six begins by wrapping up most of the S.I. tie-in titles, giving you a sense of time, and how far the invasion has spread. The Mighty Avengers and rebel New Avengers rush to New York City, ignoring the Registration Act (and their differences) in order to push back the Skrull Armada. When they arrive, we are given a two page spread showing the destruction of the city, Skrull ships floating above, the Baxter Building in a Negative Zone hole, and the city covered in rubble.

On those streets stands Nick Fury and his new Howling Commandos, the Secret Warriors, a band of young mutants and super humans who were unknown before now, assuring us that they are not Skrulls. For fans of Nick Fury, this has been a GREAT book, not just because he's finally back in the game, but because he's where he belongs, in the front lines, shooting aliens and shouting orders. The level of disbelief from his return and respect for Nick Fury is shared even by the crime syndicate created by the Hood, as they watch from the sidelines and try to decide if they should enter the fray.

With lightning striking and thunder roaring, all of Earth's Mightiest Heroes turn their heads to Central Park where Thor's hammer strikes the ground, heroes rejoicing as the God of Thunder makes his return. The fear and excitement sets in for all as the final battle begins, Thor summoning all to the battle field. The super human community of Earth walks what may be their final mile as they enter into what could be their last adventure. Even Thunderbolts leader Norman Osborn keeps his squad of registered psychos in check, understanding what is at stake in the fight to come.

The Skrull Queen (posing as Spider Woman) gives them a chance to be saved and surrender to the change. She announces the phrase haunting those who have been attacked, "He loves you." Spider-Man Pushes his way through former enemies Bullseye and Wrecker and asks the question we've all been waiting for "He who?" With the answer and a Skrull holy war upon us, Nick Fury answers, giving us possibly the best panel ever, the Mount Rushmore of Marvel comics.

With that, Iron Man assembles the newly re-cast Avengers including characters ranging from Venom to Luke Cage and even Howard the Duck! The Super-Skrulls begin arriving in all their stolen forms, with even a Galactus Skrull standing above all others!

Yu plays with the idea that ANY character could be a Skrull, and that not all Skrulls have to be just one hero or villain. Seeing a Super-Skrull that has the power of the X-men is incredible, and forces you to go back and try to name every character combination you can. The texture on every character and piece of the background makes the story actually feel gritty, the dirt on their faces and rips on costumes actually earned in a fight.

With two issues to go, Secret Invasion is turning out to be what event comics should be. Bendis-Haters (a club which I certainly am a member of) are ignoring the strengths of this series to shit on it's weaknesses. The price point is high but S.I. is worth it, this issue in particular. Seeing the Avengers working together again and not being a government tool has given me hope for future books, and with Tony Stark looking outside of himself for the first time in a few years makes me hope for another all star Avengers team. Seeing characters like Kazaar fighting alongside Hulkling and Reed Richards is exciting in a way that The Infinity Gauntlet was, the whole Marvel gang together to fight for the good of the universe, and that's what comics should be.


John Wilson said...

man, i've got one question:

are the eternals involved at all with the secret invasion?

being how deep the skrulls have infiltrated rankings all around and yet nothing's touched on the return of ikaris, the dreaming celestial, and others who can easily trump the skrulls.

samuel rules said...


I was just thinking that myself. I mean the celestials don't really care about that shit because they are just here to see how things go down. I think if they were to attack they would've gone after the Skrull god not the Skrulls, and I'm thinking all the Eternals are probably too busy building back up their respective crews to go head into a battle that they don't care about.

Of course, that's me being this dude who can bullshit continuity. The reality is probably that Marvel realizes most people reading something like The Eternals don't want to read Secret Invasion, considering Neil Gaiman wrote the first new Eternals. Some nerd dude who was into Sandman is probably "too good" for S.I.

thanks for the read dude


Jesse Reese said...

Is galactus really a skrull??????